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    Quality product quality

    Dongguan Sorbick Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. is a high-tech joint-stock manufacturing enterprise with 15 years of experience and pioneering spirit. It independently develops, produces, sells and sells high-precision optical measuring instruments for various industries. Establish a R&D center in Taiwan, with six major marketing after-sales service centers and one overseas business department in mainland China ( [see more]

    Classic case
    Classic case
    Dozens of industries
    Application of Semiconductor Chip Industry

    Application of Semiconductor Chip Industry

    High measurement accuracy: measurement accuracy < 1/10 pixel...

    Application of Medical Device Industry

    Application of Medical Device Industry

    In recent years, the medical device industry has developed r...


    Annual strength precipitation

    Brand strengthA team focused on optical imaging measurement

    In the 10th Five-Year Plan, the industry technology precipitates and breaks through numerous technical difficulties, guarantees product reliability and stability and the assembly concept of excellence, guarantees that each machine is a high-quality procedural inspection standard, and makes every detail to the extreme.

    Strict Technology Adhere to the Development Concept of Continuous Innovation

    Every year, 30% of the investment in R&D of technology funds is devoted to industry leading In order to complete your precise measurement, software functions are constantly updated, non-standard customization industry-specific function design and R&D --- to solve your measurement problems.

    Professional Team Customer-centered After-sales Service Attitude

    Establish technical service centers in major cities throughout the country to serve the whole China and some overseas countries insist on the service attitude of customer's urgency as my urgency, high-efficiency and high-quality service response devote to the mission of 100-year enterprises and provide lifelong maintenance.

    After-sales Service Advanced and Solid Technology Precipitation, High Efficiency and Reliable Production Capacity

    Continuous production of 20 different types of products ensures the timeliness of delivery of instruments high-quality Cooperative Supply Chain system, perfect supporting services insists on product performance optimization, and improves the performance of each generation of products.
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    1. The instrument should be placed in a clean and dry room (room temperature 20 °C ± 5 °C, humidity below 60%) to avoid surface contaminatio... [Details]
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    Customized Hotline:0769-23883306 / 13662883290Service hours: Monday to Saturday 9:00~17:30